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2015 Exhibit

Picking the
Good Life

Preserving America’s heritage one piece at a time

The popularity of the television show American Pickers has brought to the attention of the general public a group of people who have been operating pretty much unnoticed for years.  Referred to as “pickers”, collectors, or antiquers, these individuals have rescued much of America’s heritage from barns, garages and abandoned sites.  Some have built massive collections while others have a single item.  The common thread between these individuals is the recognition of the story behind each item and the way of life it represented.  Have you seen a sewing machine that sews sideways?  A sewing bird? A brown wedding gown?  A goat hammer?  A man cave from the 1920’s?  Explore a time gone by as represented by the collections and the stories behind them.  Included in the displays were collections by local residents Junior and Peggy McBride.  Life long collectors, their items are rarely on display in public.  This was a not-to-be missed opportunity to see interesting, unique and unusual items.

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