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The FFA Historial & Ag Museum consists of two sites. Our main museum, located at 408 Main Street, offers two levels of exhibit space totaling over 4,000 sq. ft. The lower level is dedicated to agriculture and farming.


The Rural Iowa Heritage Center is the second site and is just a block away. This is the original site of the museum, which first opened in 1970.  Additional features of this site include a fire station, jailhouse and log cabin.

Main Street Site

The main museum is located at 408 Main St. and has 4,000 square feet of display space. The lower level is dedicated to agriculture and farming. Themed exhibits are changed every two years.


Everything has a story

Whether they are simple or long and complicated they show us who we
are, where we have been, and what possibilities lay ahead for the future. Each year we select a story that highlights moments in the history of our state, nation, and world. Innovative exhibits, amazing collections, and hands-on learning experiences help to illustrate the stories.


Get Charged!

This powerful force of nature is the focus of this new feature exhibit!


Lower Level

Take a step back in time and a glimpse at life before electricity.


Summer Enrichment

You'll be shocked at how much fun we have planned for you!

For Teachers

Looking for a unique field trip option? We'd love to have your class visit!


Rural Iowa Heritage Center

Located on Chestnut Street, this location was the first site for the museum and originally housed the city's fire station and jailhouse. This site celebrates the life of pioneer families and rural communities, highlighting their role in building our great nation and now includes an original 1861 log cabin.

What You May Expect

Our Museum continues to earn its reputation for educational and innovative exhibits that are designed for guests of all ages. Each year we offer a wide array of enrichment classes, hands-on learning activities and special guest speakers. Below is a sample of past exhibits.

Revisit some of our favorite images as we explored “Reminders of the Past”, old inventions with new connections.

Stories tell us who we are and where we have been. Review what we learned as we dove into several of our local favorites just a few short years ago.

Our focus for the highlight exhibits in 2016 included quilts, hunting, trapping and bakelite plastic.

Remember how we celebrated Iowa’s role in supporting our nation’s fight for freedom in several wars ranging from the Civil War to our current conflicts.

Inspired by shows like American Pickers, we explore our heritage rescued from barns and abandoned sites as represented by collections and learned a little more about the stories behind the items.

Take a look back at when we examined all the contrasts, triumphs and tragedies that made up this revolutionizing decade.

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