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Summer Enrichment at the Museum 2023

Programs run from 10 am - 11:30 am  (90 minutes each)
Admission: $3 each session

OR buy a full summer pass for just $10

The Last Static Bender: June 12 @ 10 am

Activities that use static electricity. Come bend water, move pepper and bubbles, and make a butterfly flap its wings. Fun for any age group.

Electric Aquatics: June 19th @ 10 am

Does water conduct electricity?
Join us for a fun experiment where we test our tap water and various other types of water. Fun for any age group.

It’s Electric: June 26th @ 10 am

Learn line dancing starting with the electric slide. Fun for young and old alike. This would be a great day to join in with your children.

Ooebleck, Heck yes: July 10th @ 10 am

Come to the library lunch in the park on July 5th and hear the story of Bartholomew and the Oobleck then join us at the museum on the 10th to make your own. We will “power” our goo with electricity. Best for participants from 2nd grade and up.

Radio Static: July 17th @ 10 am

Join us to listen to a 1930’s radio program. Afterward, we will create and record our own 1930’s style radio show and share it on our Facebook. Best for participants from 3rd grade and up.

The Power of the Potato: July 24th @ 10 am

Come and see if we can power a clock with household produce. It will answer the age-old question, can a potato tell time? Is that a question? Fun for any age but will include using small parts.

Let’s go fly a kite: July 31st @ 1 pm

Join us to create a kite and fly it just like Ben Franklin did. Perfect for any age group. THIS EVENT WILL COMBINE WITH THE LIBRARY AND IS FREE TO EVERYONE.

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